What size gutters should I get?


The primary factors that will determine gutter size are the type and slope of roof you have.

Metal roofs are the slickest surface and provide the least amount of friction.  Water will flow off a metal roof very quickly, so we recommend 6″ gutters to ensure the maximum amount of water is captured.

Shingle and clay tile roofs provide more friction, thus slow the flow of water.  5″ gutters are usually sufficient in these applications.  However, if the slope of the roof is steep and there’s a large area draining to one gutter, the size might need to be increased.  We can do a combination of sizes on the same house, as long as the sections do not connect.

If you plan to collect rainwater for potable (safe to drink) use, you will need either a metal, clay, or TPO roof.  However, if you are only collecting rainwater for irrigation purposes, you can use a shingle roof.