Do I Need Rain Gutters?

Rain gutters or no rain gutters? Do you need them and what’s the best way to go? The only reason to choose to not install rain gutters on your home is if it’s simply not financially feasible at this point in time. Otherwise, rain gutters protect your home in many ways, and the sooner you install quality gutters, the better.

Rain Gutters Improve Aesthetics

We’ve all seen beautiful light-colored stone masonry on homes where about 1.5 feet of the stone closest to the ground is covered in a dark, dirty grunge. This happens when there are no gutters, the rain falls freely off of the roof, hits the ground, which inevitably becomes dirt, and starts bouncing mud up onto the exterior walls of the home. It’s just ugly. No need to mince words.

Stained Limestone

The rain also eventually destroys whatever it incessantly hits as it runs off of the roof. If it’s asphalt, you start to get a little groove in it where the rain hits. If it’s sod or landscaping, the rain creates an indention, and this will lead to erosion.

Rain Gutters Help With Structural Integrity

Far more is at stake than aesthetics.  On a more serious note, no gutters can lead to mold and in some cases, foundation issues. When the rain bounces up onto the side of your home, it can become trapped underneath siding, which can lead to mold infestation.

According to SFGate Homeguides:

“Constant dampness in a basement or atop a slab foundation can cause unpleasant odors, deformed or decaying wood, peeling paint or even mold or mildew growth, along with structural damage. These problems frequently require costly repairs and can reduce a home’s value. Good drainage around the foundation will help to prevent most problems with a damp foundation. During rainstorms, gutters often offer invaluable protection to the structure’s foundation.”

Here at Gateway Gutters, we couldn’t agree more. We want to protect not only the integrity of your home, but its beauty as well. Give us a call so we can give you an estimate on what it would cost to install the latest in gutter technology on your home. We take great pride in our work, our customer service, and in your home. Your recommendation of us is the greatest compliment we can receive.