Wimberley House – River Road

We are really proud of this project. Our client has been working really hard to rebuild this home after the devastating flooding that happened a few years ago in Wimberley.  Aesthetics were very important in this installation, and the client wanted the gutters and downspouts to be practically invisible.  The downspouts fit perfectly behind the rock columns and the colors were spot on.  We even did a two-tone downspout whenever there was a transition between siding and stone.

Since there is a lot of roof surface area, they also needed substantial drainage to move the water away from the home efficiently.  We installed 6″ pipe underground and each downspout fed directly into trunk lines that came together near the back of the house and directed the water down a natural rock slope.

Wimberley House – River Road Circle

This was a smaller remodel project, but the homeowners were very happy with diverting the rainwater from the front entry area and off their newly constructed deck.

We also did a two-tone downspout on this one where it transitioned from dark trim to light colored siding.

Wimberley Condo – Woodcreek

This client needed gutters to prevent the water coming off a two-story metal roof from washing away his crushed granite patio.

We installed 6″ K-style Galvalume gutters with round downspouts to match the new metal roof.  The customer later installed ground drains that the downspouts fed into.

Unfortunately, the homeowner did not get HOA approval beforehand, so they made him paint the gutters and downspouts to match the exterior siding.  Good lesson – if you are in an HOA, always get approval before starting a project.